Top 100 wines of Maremma Toscana

Discover the top 100 best wines of Maremma Toscana of Maremma Toscana as well as the best winemakers in the region. Explore the varietals of the wines that are popular of Maremma Toscana and the best vintages to taste in this region.

Discovering the wine region of Maremma Toscana

The wine region of Maremma Toscana is located in the region of Toscane of Italy. Wineries and vineyards like the Domaine Antinori or the Domaine Rocca di Frassinello produce mainly wines red, white and pink. The most planted grape varieties in the region of Maremma Toscana are Sangiovese, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot, they are then used in wines in blends or as a single variety. On the nose of Maremma Toscana often reveals types of flavors of cherry, game or nutty and sometimes also flavors of hay, white peach or lime.

In the mouth of Maremma Toscana is a powerful with a nice freshness. We currently count 278 estates and châteaux in the of Maremma Toscana, producing 692 different wines in conventional, organic and biodynamic agriculture. The wines of Maremma Toscana go well with generally quite well with dishes of beef, lamb or veal.

Discover the grape variety: Vermentino

The vermentino grape variety was widespread in Italy, Sardinia and Corsica. Today, Vermentino is grown in the regions bordering the Mediterranean, mainly in Provence (Côtes de Provence, Bellet), Corsica (Corse Calvi), Languedoc (Côtes du Roussillon, Costières de Nîmes) and the Rhône Valley (Côtes du Luberon). Because it ripens late, Vermentino requires a warm climate for its development and can only be grown in regions with good sun exposure. Conversely, cold or temperate climates do not allow it to ripen properly. Vermentino is only susceptible to powdery mildew. When vinified on its own, Vermentino produces a single-variety dry white wine that is light and full-bodied with a pale yellow color. It can also be blended with other grape varieties such as Ugni Blanc, Cinsault and Grenache, in which case its low acidity makes it light and fresh. Vermentino belongs to the grape varieties of Ajaccio, Corsica and Corbières. The aromas released by this variety are multiple. One can detect notes of fresh apple, green almond, sweet spices, hawthorn, ripe pear and fresh pineapple.

Food and wine pairing with a wine of Maremma Toscana

wines from the region of Maremma Toscana go well with generally quite well with dishes of beef, lamb or veal such as recipes of flemish beer stew, ramadan berber soup (harira) or veal meatballs with curry.

Organoleptic analysis of wine of Maremma Toscana

On the nose in the region of Maremma Toscana often reveals types of flavors of cream, dried fruit or red plum and sometimes also flavors of dried cranberry, lavender or forest floor. In the mouth in the region of Maremma Toscana is a powerful with a nice freshness.

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