Top 100 wines of Chile

Discover the top 100 best wines of Chile as well as the best winemakers in the region. Explore the varietals of the wines that are popular in Chile and the best vintages to taste in this region.

Discovering the wine region of Chile

Chile is one of the most important wine producing countries in South America. Occupying a thin strip on the west coast of the continent, it is home to a wide range of Terroirs and wine styles. The Chilean wine industry is often associated in export markets with good quality, consistent wines, but some world-class reds are also produced and sell at high prices. For red wines, the first export stalwarts were the France/bordeaux">Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Grape/sauvignon">Sauvignon and Merlot, Like many New World countries, Chile has adopted an iconic grape variety; here it is Carmenère, once widely grown in Bordeaux.

It was thought to have disappeared as a result of the Phylloxera epidemics in Europe in the 19th century, but it was rediscovered in Chile in the 1990s. Much of this variety was mixed with Merlot plants in the Vineyards; it was often thought that the Carmenère vines were less successful mutations of the former. Once they were identified and the fruit was left an extra week or two on the vine to Fully ripen, Carmenère and single-varietal blends began to spread (NB: this variety is usually spelled Carménère - with two accents - outside Chile). Pinot Noir from cooler regions of Chile is beginning to make an impression, and Syrah is gaining popularity in many regions offering a wide variety of styles.

The distribution of red varieties in Chile also includes Bordeaux players, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. The importance of the latter has increased in light of Argentina's success with this variety, although plantings in Chile date back to the 19th century. Cinsaut and Carignan join Syrah in the French contingent in the South. White wine plantings are dominated by Chardonnay - also grown in many different macroclimates - which can reach very high levels of quality with prices to match, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Discover the grape variety: Carmenère

Carménère is a grape variety of Bordeaux origin. It is the result of a cross between Cabernet Franc and Gros Cabernet. In France, it occupies only about ten hectares, but it is also grown in Chile, Peru, the Andes, California, Italy and Argentina. The leaves of the carmenere are shiny and revolute. Its berries are round and medium-sized. Carménère is susceptible to grey rot, especially in wet autumn. It can also be exposed to the risk of climatic coulure, which is why it is important to grow it on poor soil and in warm areas. Carménère is associated with an average second ripening period. This variety has only one approved clone, 1059. It can be vinified with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It produces a rich, highly coloured wine, which acquires character when combined with other grape varieties.

Food and wine pairing with a wine of Chile

wines from the region of Chile go well with generally quite well with dishes of beef, lamb or game (deer, venison) such as recipes of beef with onions chinese style, leg or shoulder of lamb with honey and thyme or duck breast with honey and raspberry vinegar.

Organoleptic analysis of wine of Chile

On the nose in the region of Chile often reveals types of flavors of cream, marmalade or green bell pepper and sometimes also flavors of bell pepper, cigar or charcoal. In the mouth in the region of Chile is a powerful with a nice balance between acidity and tannins.

News from the vineyard of Chile

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