The Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS in Roero in Piémont

The winery offers 2 different wines
Its wines get an average rating of 4.4.
It is ranked in the top 58 of the estates of Piémont.
It is located in Roero in the region of Piémont

The Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS is one of the world's great estates. It offers 2 wines for sale in of Roero to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS wines

Looking for the best Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS wines in Roero among all the wines in the region? Check out our tops of the best red, white or effervescent Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS wines. Also find some food and wine pairings that may be suitable with the wines from this area. Learn more about the region and the Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS wines with technical and enological descriptions.

The top white wines of Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS

Food and wine pairings with a white wine of Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS

How Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS wines pair with each other generally quite well with dishes of pasta, shellfish or mature and hard cheese such as recipes of shrimp marinade, scupion (small cuttlefish) in hot sauce or savoury endive puff pastry.

The grape varieties most used in the white wines of Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS.

  • Arneis

Discovering the wine region of Roero

The wine region du Roero is located in the region in Piémont in Italy. Wineries and vineyards like the Domaine Cascina Riveri or the Domaine Negro Angelo produce mainly wines white, red and sweet. The most planted grape varieties in the region of Roero are Nebbiolo et Brachetto, they are then used in wines in blends or as a single variety. On the nose of Roero often reveals types of flavors of pineapple, red fruit or aniseed and sometimes also flavors of rose water, chamomile or lemon curd.

In the mouth of Roero is a powerful with a nice freshness. We currently count 347 estates and châteaux in the of Roero, producing 625 different wines in conventional, organic and biodynamic agriculture. The wines of Roero go well with generally quite well with dishes of pasta, shellfish or mature and hard cheese.

Discover other wineries and winemakers neighboring the Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS

Planning a wine route in the of Roero? Here are the wineries to visit and the winemakers to meet during your trip in search of wines similar to Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS.

Discover the grape variety: Muscat d'Alexandrie

Muscat of Alexandria is known under several dozen other names. From Zibibbu di Sicilia to Roman Muscat to Acherfield's early Muscat. Its rich repertoire of appellations comes from its popularity, as consumers prefer it to all other white grapes. More than 55,000 hectares of vineyards are planted with this grape throughout the world, and the Pyrenees Orientales is the best place to find it in France. Preferring long pruning, this grape variety displays excellent vigor. Its productivity is equally enviable, yielding up to 4 kilos per vine.Muscat d'Alexandrie is drought-resistant and promises very sweet, juicy and firm berries protected by a thin skin. The fruits are medium in size and gather in compact, narrow and long clusters of medium span. The musky flavour makes for very good natural sweet wines.

News about Winery Azienda Agricola Margherita SS and wines from the region

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The word of the wine: Oenologist

Specialist in wine-making techniques. It is a profession and not a passion: one can be an oenophile without being an oenologist (and the opposite too!). Formerly attached to the Faculty of Pharmacy, oenology studies have become independent and have their own university course. Learning to make wine requires a good chemical background but also, increasingly, a good knowledge of the plant. Some oenologists work in laboratories (analysis). Others, the consulting oenologists, work directly in the properties.