Top 100 wines of El Pais Vasco

Discover the top 100 best wines of El Pais Vasco as well as the best winemakers in the region. Explore the varietals of the wines that are popular of El Pais Vasco and the best vintages to taste in this region.

Discovering the wine region of El Pais Vasco

El Pais Vasco (officially La Comunidad Autonoma del País Vasco) is a fiercely independent region on the northern coast of Spain, near the Pyrenees and the border with France. In Basque, the region is called Euskadi, but to most English speakers it is referred to as the Basque Country. The Cantabrian Mountains form its western boundary, while the famous wine region of La RiojaLies to the South. Despite this, the region is not Particularly well known for its wine, although a group of determined producers have Long fought for recognition.

In fact, it is the historic port city of Bilbao (home to the Guggenheim Museum) and the beautiful seaside resort of San Sebastian that attract visitors to the region. Pais Vasco wine is synonymous with Txakoli (pronounced "Chac-o-lee"), a style of wine that is an integral part of the region's wine culture and traditions. This wine is direct and simple. It has a refreshing style with fruit-dominated characters, and can have a Slight fizz and high Acidity.

Discover the grape variety: Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng is a white grape variety of Pyrenean origin. Its small berries have a hard, well-ventilated skin, which allows Petit Manseng to resist grey rot. On the other hand, this variety is very sensitive to noble rot, which concentrates the aromas and makes it possible to produce remarkable sweet wines with flavours of exotic fruits, grapefruit, honey, gingerbread, etc. Rich in alcohol and acidity, these wines are very well balanced and very fine. petit manseng also produces fruity dry white wines. It is also used in the AOC Béarn, Jurançon, Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh, Tursan...

Food and wine pairing with a wine of El Pais Vasco

wines from the region of El Pais Vasco go well with generally quite well with dishes of pork, rich fish (salmon, tuna etc) or vegetarian such as recipes of turkey roulades, flavoured sauce, norwegian salmon parmentier or tuna, pepper and tomato quiche.

Organoleptic analysis of wine of El Pais Vasco

On the nose in the region of El Pais Vasco often reveals types of flavors of grapefruit, non oak or red currant and sometimes also flavors of brioche, cheese or orange. In the mouth in the region of El Pais Vasco is a powerful with a nice freshness.

News from the vineyard of El Pais Vasco

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