Winery Pouderoux - Maury Grande Réserve

Winery Pouderoux Maury Grande Réserve

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Tasters generally liked this wine.
The Maury Grande Réserve of Winery Pouderoux is a natural sweet wine from the region of Maury in Languedoc-Roussillon.
This wine generally goes well with beef, mature and hard cheese

Wine flavors and olphactive analysis

On the nose the Maury Grande Réserve of Winery Pouderoux in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon often reveals types of flavors of vanilla, plum or leather and sometimes also flavors of chocolate, raisin or non oak.

Food and wine pairings with Maury Grande Réserve

Pairings that work perfectly with Maury Grande Réserve

Original food and wine pairings with Maury Grande Réserve

The Maury Grande Réserve of Winery Pouderoux matches generally quite well with dishes of beef or mature and hard cheese such as recipes of roumazave (madagascar) or phonsounette (potatoes with melted saint nectaire cheese).

Details and technical informations about Winery Pouderoux's Maury Grande Réserve.

Grape varieties
Region/Great wine region
Great wine region
Style of wine
Contains sulfites

Discover the grape variety: Argant

An ancient grape variety cultivated in Franche-Comté that has now almost disappeared. It was also found in Germany, Austria, Spain, etc. Genetic analyses show it to be related to Caesar. It should not be confused with bruneau noir, which has the synonym argant.

Last vintages of this wine

Maury Grande Réserve - 2014
In the top 100 of of Maury wines
Average rating: 4.3 1 1 1 1 0
Maury Grande Réserve - 2013
In the top 100 of of Maury wines
Average rating: 3.9 1 1 1 1 0

The best vintages of Maury Grande Réserve from Winery Pouderoux are 2014, 2013

Informations about the Winery Pouderoux

The winery offers 19 different wines.
Its wines get an average rating of 3.9.
It is in the top 5 of the best estates in the region
It is located in Maury in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon

The Winery Pouderoux is one of of the world's greatest estates. It offers 17 wines for sale in the of Maury to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top wine Languedoc-Roussillon
In the top 35000 of of France wines
In the top 3000 of of Maury wines
In the top 2000 of natural sweet wines
In the top 150000 wines of the world

The wine region of Languedoc-Roussillon

France/languedoc-roussillon/languedoc">Languedoc (formerly Coteaux du Languedoc) is a key appellation used in the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region of southern France. It covers Dry table wines of all three colors (red, white and rosé) from the entire region, but leaves Sweet and Sparkling wines to other more specialized appellations. About 75% of all Languedoc wines are red, with the remaining 25% split roughly down the middle between whites and rosés. The appellation covers most of the Languedoc region and almost a third of all the vineyards in France.

The wine region of Maury

Maury is a town in the northern Roussillon region of southern France. Its name is best known as an appellation for the natural Sweet wines produced around the town, although in 2011 the separate AOC Maury Sec came into effect for Dry red wines, due to the recognition that a local wine industry based entirely on fortified wine was too narrowly focused. The natural sweet wines of Maury are mainly produced from the Grenache grapes (Grenache Noir, Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris). They are produced in a style very similar to the sweet wines of Banyuls, 35 miles (57km) to the southeast, which also use Grenache.

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The word of the wine: Varietal

Said of wine aromas that are reminiscent of fresh grapes. The most demonstrative example is certainly that of wines made from the Muscat grape variety.

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