Winery Enoteca Emery - Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας)

Winery Enoteca Emery Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας)

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The Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας) of Winery Enoteca Emery is a white wine from the region of Rhodes of Aegean Sea.
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The Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας) of the Winery Enoteca Emery is in the top 20 of wines of Rhodes.

Details and technical informations about Winery Enoteca Emery's Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας).

Grape varieties
Region/Great wine region
Great wine region
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Contains sulfites

Discover the grape variety: Fogoneu

This grape variety is native to the Balearic Islands (Spain), more precisely to the island of Mayorque, and has been cultivated for a very long time. It is believed to be the result of a natural cross between the escursac or excursach and the mansés (or mancès) de capdell. DNA analyses show that the Fogoneu Mallorqui is not related to any other variety and that the Fogoneu is a direct descendant of the Callet. It can be found in Argentina, Spain and Italy, but is little known in France, although it should be interesting for the production of original rosé wines that are always very pleasant to drink.

Last vintages of this wine

Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας) - 2016
In the top 20 of of Rhodes wines
Average rating: 3.2 1 1 1 0 0
Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας) - 2015
In the top 20 of of Rhodes wines
Average rating: 3.9 1 1 1 1 0
Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας) - 2012
In the top 20 of of Rhodes wines
Average rating: 3.8 1 1 1 0.5 0

The best vintages of Athiri Mountain Slopes (Αθnрι Βουνοπλαγιας) from Winery Enoteca Emery are 2015, 2012, 2016

Informations about the Winery Enoteca Emery

The winery offers 27 different wines.
Its wines get an average rating of 3.2.
It is in the top 3 of the best estates in the region
It is located in Rhodes in the region of Aegean Sea

The Winery Enoteca Emery is one of of the world's greatest estates. It offers 14 wines for sale in the of Rhodes to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top wine Aegean Sea
In the top 2000 of of Greece wines
In the top 25 of of Rhodes wines
In the top 75000 of white wines
In the top 300000 wines of the world

The wine region of Rhodes

The wine region of Rhodes is located in the region of Dodecanese of Aegean Sea of Greece. Wineries and vineyards like the Alexandris Family Winery or the Domaine Kounaki produce mainly wines white, red and sparkling. The most planted grape varieties in the region of Rhodes are Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Assyrtiko, they are then used in wines in blends or as a single variety. On the nose of Rhodes often reveals types of flavors of citrus, vegetal or black fruit and sometimes also flavors of red fruit, tropical fruit or citrus fruit.

The wine region of Aegean Sea

The Turkey/tr-aegean">Aegean Islands – the most famous of which are Greece/crete">Crete, Dodecanese/rhodes">Rhodes, Samos and Cyclades/santorini">Santorini – lie in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. The islands have a Long and influential winemaking history spanning thousands of years, but in the modern day are most famous for Santorini's Dry, minerally, white wines made from Assyrtico-based white wines made from Assyrtico. The Aegean Sea covers roughly 83,000 square miles (215,000 sq km) between the Southern coast of Greek Macedonia and Crete in the south. Several groups of islands make up the Aegean archipelago, including the Sporades in the North, the Dodecanese just off the coast of Turkey and the Cyclades near the Attica coast.

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The word of the wine: Foaming

Name given to the second alcoholic fermentation that sparkling wines undergo. It gives rise to a release of carbon dioxide in the bottle.

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