The Winery Emilvini of Provincia di Mantova of Lombardie

Winery Emilvini - Lambrusco Rosado
Only one wine is currently referenced in this domain
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Its wines get an average rating of 2.9.
It is currently not ranked among the best domains of Lombardie.
It is located in Provincia di Mantova in the region of Lombardie

The Winery Emilvini is one of the best wineries to follow in Provincia di Mantova.. It offers 1 wines for sale in of Provincia di Mantova to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top Winery Emilvini wines

Looking for the best Winery Emilvini wines in Provincia di Mantova among all the wines in the region? Check out our tops of the best red, white or effervescent Winery Emilvini wines. Also find some food and wine pairings that may be suitable with the wines from this area. Learn more about the region and the Winery Emilvini wines with technical and enological descriptions.

The top sparkling wines of Winery Emilvini

Food and wine pairings with a sparkling wine of Winery Emilvini

How Winery Emilvini wines pair with each other generally quite well with dishes of pork, rich fish (salmon, tuna etc) or mature and hard cheese such as recipes of spaghetti squash with cream and bacon, parillade of fish and seafood or savoyard crust or cheese crust.

The grape varieties most used in the sparkling wines of Winery Emilvini.

  • Lambrusco

Discovering the wine region of Provincia di Mantova

The wine region of Provincia di Mantova is located in the region of Lombardie of Italy. Wineries and vineyards like the Domaine Riunite or the Domaine Cantine Virgili Luigi produce mainly wines sparkling, red and white. The most planted grape varieties in the region of Provincia di Mantova are Cabernet-Sauvignon et Merlot, they are then used in wines in blends or as a single variety. On the nose of Provincia di Mantova often reveals types of flavors of tree fruit, citrus fruit or red fruit.

In the mouth of Provincia di Mantova is a powerful. We currently count 27 estates and châteaux in the of Provincia di Mantova, producing 57 different wines in conventional, organic and biodynamic agriculture. The wines of Provincia di Mantova go well with generally quite well with dishes of beef, pasta or lamb.

Discover other wineries and winemakers neighboring the Winery Emilvini

Planning a wine route in the of Provincia di Mantova? Here are the wineries to visit and the winemakers to meet during your trip in search of wines similar to Winery Emilvini.

Discover the grape variety: Gamay de Bouze

Gamay de Bouze is a grape variety known since the 19th century. Originally from Burgundy, it is found, in increasingly small areas, in the vineyards of the Cher Valley. It was used, among other things, to add a little colour to wines that lacked it. Petit mourot, rouge de couchey or rouge de bouze are the other names for this grape variety with small bunches. Sometimes winged, these are cylindrical in shape and bear berries of varying sizes. The colour of the fruit shells, bluish black, is characteristic, as is the intense red of the leaves in autumn. The leaves come from buds that appear early. They are borne by vines that are pruned short and upright. Of average vigor, Gamay de Bouze is found in soils of low fertility. It must be protected from wood diseases and chlorosis. The vinification of the rosé juice from the pulp gives a product with notes of black fruit.

News about Winery Emilvini and wines from the region

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The word of the wine: Decanter

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