The Winery Cascina San Giovanni of Pouilles

The winery offers 2 different wines
Its wines get an average rating of 4.1.
It is currently not ranked among the best domains of Pouilles.
It is located in Pouilles

The Winery Cascina San Giovanni is one of the best wineries to follow in Pouilles.. It offers 2 wines for sale in of Pouilles to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top Winery Cascina San Giovanni wines

Looking for the best Winery Cascina San Giovanni wines in Pouilles among all the wines in the region? Check out our tops of the best red, white or effervescent Winery Cascina San Giovanni wines. Also find some food and wine pairings that may be suitable with the wines from this area. Learn more about the region and the Winery Cascina San Giovanni wines with technical and enological descriptions.

The top sweet wines of Winery Cascina San Giovanni

Food and wine pairings with a sweet wine of Winery Cascina San Giovanni

How Winery Cascina San Giovanni wines pair with each other generally quite well with dishes such as recipes .

The grape varieties most used in the sweet wines of Winery Cascina San Giovanni.

  • Moscato Giallo

Discovering the wine region of Pouilles

Puglia (Apulia to many English speakers) is a Long, slender wine region in the extreme Southeast corner of Italy's "boot". To use the shoe analogy often used to illustrate the shape of Italy, Apulia extends from the tip of the heel to the mid-calf, where the spur of the Gargano Peninsula juts out into the Adriatic Sea. The heel (the Salento peninsula) occupies the southern half of the region and is of great importance for the identity of Puglia. Not only are there cultural and geographical differences from Northern Puglia, but the wines are also different.

While the north is slightly more hilly and more linked to the wine-making customs and practices of Central Italy, the south is almost entirely flat and retains a strong link to its Greco-Roman past. The only factor that unites northern and southern Puglia is the choice of crops: olives and grapes, in that order. The region is responsible for almost half of Italy's total olive oil production and has long had a reputation as a prolific source of (mainly red) wine. This has had Serious economic consequences for Puglia's winemakers and for the reputation of the region's wines; when the world began to demand higher quality wines, the mass-produced blended wines in which Puglia specialized lost their value.

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Discover the grape variety: Cabernet-Cortis

Interspecific cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Solaris (Merzling x Geisenheim 6493 (Zarya Severa x Muscat Ottonel)) made in 1982 by Norbert Becker of the Freiburg Research Institute in Germany. It has the particularity of having only one gene for resistance to mildew and powdery mildew. It can be found in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, etc., but is still little known in France. Note that Cabernet-Carol has the same parents.

News about Winery Cascina San Giovanni and wines from the region

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The word of the wine: Maturation

Transformation undergone by the grape when it is enriched with sugar and loses some of its acidity to reach maturity.