The Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου in Pieria in Macedonia

The winery offers 7 different wines
Its wines get an average rating of 3.9.
It is currently not ranked among the best domains of Macedonia.
It is located in Pieria in the region of Macedonia

The Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου is one of the best wineries to follow in Pieria.. It offers 7 wines for sale in of Pieria to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου wines

Looking for the best Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου wines in Pieria among all the wines in the region? Check out our tops of the best red, white or effervescent Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου wines. Also find some food and wine pairings that may be suitable with the wines from this area. Learn more about the region and the Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου wines with technical and enological descriptions.

The top white wines of Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου

Food and wine pairings with a white wine of Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου

How Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου wines pair with each other generally quite well with dishes such as recipes .

The grape varieties most used in the white wines of Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου.

  • Malagouzia

Discovering the wine region of Macedonia

Greek Macedonia (Makedonia) is an expansive region in Northern Greece. It is bordered by the Republic of North Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria to the north and the Aegean Sea in the South. The vineyards in the mountainous region are extensively planted to Xynomavro, along with Roditis, Grape/limnio">Limnio and the more-international Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety. Macedonian red wines are noted for their firm tannins and big flavors, and the best examples are among Greece's most-sought-after reds.

There are several PGI-level regional appellations alongside the PDO titles, including Drama, Kavala, Sithonia, Mount Athos and Thessaloniki. A large range of both native and international grape varieties are used for these appellations. Macedonia is perhaps slightly more Balkan than Mediterranean in terms of landscape. Furthermore, the Climate here has both Mediterranean and continental influences.

The latter manifest in the hot summers and colder winters. This is amplified by the usually mountainous locations of the vineyards, concentrated largely in the western Part of the region on the border of Epirus. Here, the appellations Amyndaio, Goumenissa and Naoussa produce some of Greece's most popular reds, made from Xynomavro. Further south on the Halkidiki Peninsula, wines bearing the Playes Melitona appellation feature Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Limnio.

Discover other wineries and winemakers neighboring the Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου

Planning a wine route in the of Pieria? Here are the wineries to visit and the winemakers to meet during your trip in search of wines similar to Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου.

Discover the grape variety: Primitivo

From Croatia where it is called crljenak kastelanski or pribidrag. According to genetic analyses carried out by Professor Carole Meredith of California University in Davis (United States), it is related to the Croatian plavac mali and Zinfandel. It is also found in South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy under the name of Primitivo, Malta, Greece, Portugal and to some extent in Croatia. In the United States (California), it is one of the most widely planted grape varieties, having been introduced in the 1830s well before Primitivo. In France, it is registered in the official catalogue of vine varieties on the A1 list under the name Primitivo.

News about Winery Κτημα Χρυσοστομου and wines from the region

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The word of the wine: Aromatic

Character of a wine that is particularly expressive and rich in aromas. Some grape varieties, such as Gewurztraminer or Muscat, produce very aromatic wines.