Winery Pierre Jaurant - Cuvée Sud de France Rosé

Winery Pierre JaurantCuvée Sud de France Rosé

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(Average of the reviews for all vintages combined and from several consumer review sources)
Tasters generally liked this wine.
The Cuvée Sud de France Rosé of Winery Pierre Jaurant is a pink wine from the region of Pays d'Oc of Vin de Pays.
In the mouth this pink wine is a with a nice freshness.
This wine generally goes well with vegetarian, appetizers and snacks or lean fish.
The Cuvée Sud de France Rosé of the Winery Pierre Jaurant is in the top 40 of wines of Pays d'Oc.

Taste structure of the Cuvée Sud de France Rosé from the Winery Pierre Jaurant


In the mouth the Cuvée Sud de France Rosé of Winery Pierre Jaurant in the region of Vin de Pays is a with a nice freshness.

Details and technical informations about Winery Pierre Jaurant's Cuvée Sud de France Rosé.

Grape varieties
Region/Great wine region
Great wine region
Style of wine
Contains sulfites

Discover the grape variety: Millot Léon

Interspecific crossing between the 101-14 Millardet and Grasset (vitis riparia X vitis rupestris) and the goldriesling obtained by Eugène Kühlmann (1858-1932) around 1911 and marketed around 1921. With these same parents, he obtained among others the Maréchal Foch. Léon Millot is still found in Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and England. In France, where it was grown for a long time in Alsace, it is no longer grown in the vineyards, although it is listed in the Official Catalogue of Vine Varieties, list A.

Last vintages of this wine

Cuvée Sud de France Rosé - 2020
In the top 40 of of Pays d'Oc wines
Average rating: 4.111110
Cuvée Sud de France Rosé - 2019
In the top 40 of of Pays d'Oc wines
Average rating: 3.71110.50
Cuvée Sud de France Rosé - 2018
In the top 40 of of Pays d'Oc wines
Average rating: 3.71110.50

The best vintages of Cuvée Sud de France Rosé from Winery Pierre Jaurant are 2020, 2019, 2018

Informations about the Winery Pierre Jaurant

The winery offers 35 different wines.
Its wines get an average rating of 3.7.
It is in the top 3 of the best estates in the region
It is located in Pays d'Oc in the region of Vin de Pays

The Winery Pierre Jaurant is one of of the world's greatest estates. It offers 35 wines for sale in the of Pays d'Oc to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top wine Vin de Pays
In the top 15000 of of France wines
In the top 50 of of Pays d'Oc wines
In the top 950 of pink wines
In the top 50000 wines of the world

The wine region of Pays d'Oc

Pays d'Oc is the PGI for red, white and rosé wines that are produced over a wide area of the southern coast of France. The PGI catchment area corresponds roughly to the Languedoc-roussillon">Languedoc-Roussillon wine region, one of the largest wine regions in France. The area covers all wines that are not produced under the strict laws that govern AOC-level appellations in the regions: among them, Corbières, Minervois and the Languedoc appellation itself. The Pays d'Oc PGI is arguably the most important in France, producing the majority of the country's PGI wines.

The wine region of Vin de Pays

Vin de Pays (VDP), the French national equivalent of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) at the European level, is a quality category of French wines, positioned between Vin de Table (VDT) and Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC). This layer of the French appellation system was initially introduced in September 1968 by the INAO, the official appellation authority. It underwent several early revisions in the 1970s, followed by substantial changes in September 2000 and again in 2009, when all existing VDT titles were automatically registered with the European Union as PGI. Producers retain the choice of using either the VDP or PGI titles on their labels, or both - in the form "IGP-Vin de Pays".

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The word of the wine: Basic wine

Dry, still wine intended for the production of sparkling wines (champagne, crémants, etc.). The basic wines undergo a second fermentation in the bottle for the production of carbon dioxide, and therefore of bubbles.

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