Winery Elephant In The Room - Chardonnay

Winery Elephant In The Room Chardonnay

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The tasters did not really appreciate this wine.
The Chardonnay of Winery Elephant In The Room is a white wine from the region of Limestone Coast in Australie du Sud.
This wine is composed of 100% of the grape variety Chardonnay.
In the mouth this white wine is a powerful with a nice freshness.
This wine generally goes well with pork, vegetarian or poultry.

Taste structure of the Chardonnay from the Winery Elephant In The Room


In the mouth the Chardonnay of Winery Elephant In The Room in the region of Australie du Sud is a powerful with a nice freshness.

Wine flavors and olphactive analysis

On the nose the Chardonnay of Winery Elephant In The Room in the region of Australie du Sud often reveals types of flavors of oak, tree fruit or citrus fruit.

Details and technical informations about Winery Elephant In The Room's Chardonnay.

Grape varieties
Region/Great wine region
Great wine region
Style of wine
Contains sulfites

Discover the grape variety: Chardonnay

The white Chardonnay is a grape variety that originated in France (Burgundy). It produces a variety of grape specially used for wine making. It is rare to find this grape to eat on our tables. This variety of grape is characterized by small bunches, and small grapes. White Chardonnay can be found in many vineyards: South West, Burgundy, Jura, Languedoc & Roussillon, Cognac, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Savoie & Bugey, Loire Valley, Champagne, Rhone Valley, Armagnac, Lorraine, Alsace, Provence & Corsica.

Last vintages of this wine

Chardonnay - 2019
In the top 100 of of Limestone Coast wines
Average rating: 2.7 1 1 0.5 0 0
Chardonnay - 2017
In the top 100 of of Limestone Coast wines
Average rating: 2.5 1 1 0.5 0 0

The best vintages of Chardonnay from Winery Elephant In The Room are 2019, 2017

Informations about the Winery Elephant In The Room

The winery offers 12 different wines.
Its wines get an average rating of 3.6.
It is in the top 15 of the best estates in the region
It is located in Limestone Coast in the region of Australie du Sud

The Winery Elephant In The Room is one of of the world's great estates. It offers 12 wines for sale in the of Limestone Coast to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top wine Australie du Sud
In the top 70000 of of Australia wines
In the top 2500 of of Limestone Coast wines
In the top 400000 of white wines
In the top 1500000 wines of the world

The wine region of Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast GI (Geographical Indication) in South Australia is located in the southeast corner of the state, bordering Victoria in the east. It is one of the most significant region of the country, producing nearly one-third of South Australia's quality wines – some of which are the most highly acclaimed in Australia. The zone is regarded as geologically unique and the feature responsible for producing such high-quality wines is its soil. As the name suggests, limestone forms the basis of the soil here, best represented by the famous 'terra rossa' of Coonawarra.

The wine region of Australie du Sud

South Australia is one of Australia's six states, located (as the name suggests) in the south of the vast island continent. It's the engine room of the Australian wine industry, responsible for about half of the country's total production each year. But there's more to the region than quantity - countless high-quality wines are produced here, most from the region's signature Grape, Shiraz. These include such fine, collectible wines as Penfolds Grange, Henschke Hill of Grace, Torbreck The Laird and d'Arenberg The Dead Arm.

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