The Winery Sýkora of Morava

Winery Sýkora - Cabernet Cortis
The winery offers 39 different wines
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Its wines get an average rating of 3.7.
It is ranked in the top 1448 of the estates of Morava.
It is located in Morava
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The Winery Sýkora is one of the best wineries to follow in Morava.. It offers 39 wines for sale in of Morava to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top Winery Sýkora wines

Looking for the best Winery Sýkora wines in Morava among all the wines in the region? Check out our tops of the best red, white or effervescent Winery Sýkora wines. Also find some food and wine pairings that may be suitable with the wines from this area. Learn more about the region and the Winery Sýkora wines with technical and enological descriptions.

The top red wines of Winery Sýkora

Food and wine pairings with a red wine of Winery Sýkora

How Winery Sýkora wines pair with each other generally quite well with dishes of beef, lamb or spicy food such as recipes of kamounia : tunisian beef stew, moroccan style leg of lamb or pad thai.

Organoleptic analysis of red wines of Winery Sýkora

On the nose the red wine of Winery Sýkora. often reveals types of flavors of non oak, oak or red fruit and sometimes also flavors of black fruit.

The best vintages in the red wines of Winery Sýkora

  • 2015With an average score of 4.20/5

The grape varieties most used in the red wines of Winery Sýkora.

  • Cabernet Cortis
  • Cabernet Moravia
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dornfelder
  • Blaufränkisch
  • Modrý Portugal

Discovering the wine region of Morava

Moravia, with roughly 95 percent of the nation's Vine plantings, is the engine room of the Czech Republic's wine industry. The Center of intensively farmed bulk-wine production is also showing great promise as a producer of quality white wines. This is largely thanks to its cool Climate, comparable in many ways to that in Nahe or Pfalz, the white-wine specialists a few hundred miles west in Germany. Moravian winelands enjoy a Vineyard year well suited to the production of Complex aromatics with good Acidity.

Moravia's climate is described by the Czech wine authorities as 'transient': widely continental but with occasional maritime influences when weather patterns blow in from the Atlantic. Brno, the largest Moravian city, is located almost perfectly at the heart of continental Europe, equidistant from the English Channel and the Black Sea. Its continental position and the local topography mean it is relatively Dry (average annual rainfall amounts to little more than 20 inches/50cm) and sunny (2244 sunshine hours on average each year). As a result of this mild, Bright growing season, aromatic whites such as the Loire Valley's Sauvignon Blanc and the Alsatian trio of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Riesling are able to ripen slowly and completely.

The grapes develop high levels of flavonoids while retaining the pronounced, crisp acidity which makes them so refreshing. Moravia's position on the 49th parallel puts it at the same latitude as northern Alsace, as well as Champagne and the German regions mentioned above. Its first foray onto the international wine market has shown it capable of taking on these celebrated heavyweights of the white-wine world. Although still a small part of the overall wine scene, red wine is improving in Moravia, mostly due to technological advances in winemaking rather than any climatic change or newly discovered terroirs.

Discover the grape variety: Müller-Thurgau

Müller-Thurgau shows the character of its noble origins. This Swiss white grape variety is a cross between the royal madeleine and the riesling. The idea that the latter was crossed with the sylvaner is irrelevant. The variety can be recognized by its vigorous character and its semi-erect habit. Preferring rich soils and short prunings, the plant sees its buds open quite early. The buds are cottony and soft green in color. The slightly embossed and tormented blade, with 5 to 7 lobes, makes it possible to distinguish the adult leaves. The clusters appear compact, pyramidal or cylindrical in shape and small to medium in size. The flavour of the Müller-Turgau berries is reminiscent of Muscat. The juicy and crunchy pulp is revealed under a greyish skin. When ripe, the fruit has a mottled shell on a golden yellow background. Switzerland prefers to extract the juice from this variety. The wine made from it is rather heavy and does not keep well.

The top pink wines of Winery Sýkora

Food and wine pairings with a pink wine of Winery Sýkora

How Winery Sýkora wines pair with each other generally quite well with dishes of pork, rich fish (salmon, tuna etc) or mature and hard cheese such as recipes of baked bread (tomato, mushroom, ham, cheese), spinach, smoked salmon and ricotta lasagne or quinoa parmentier and pumpkin purée.

The grape varieties most used in the pink wines of Winery Sýkora.

  • Blaufränkisch
  • St. Laurent
  • Zweigelt

The word of the wine: CM

Mention on the label of a champagne. It is a handling cooperative that produces on its own premises and markets under its own brand the wines made from the grapes harvested by its members.

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Discover the grape variety: Pinot noir

Pinot noir is an important red grape variety in Burgundy and Champagne, and its reputation is well known! Great wines such as the Domaine de la Romanée Conti elaborate their wines from this famous grape variety, and make it a great variety. When properly vinified, pinot noit produces red wines of great finesse, with a wide range of aromas depending on its advancement (fruit, undergrowth, leather). it is also the only red grape variety authorized in Alsace. Pinot Noir is not easily cultivated beyond our borders, although it has enjoyed some success in Oregon, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

News about Winery Sýkora and wines from the region

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The word of the wine: CM

Mention on the label of a champagne. It is a handling cooperative that produces on its own premises and markets under its own brand the wines made from the grapes harvested by its members.

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