Winery Viña Alicia - Syrah

Winery Viña Alicia Syrah

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Tasters consider this wine to be one of the best in the region.
The Syrah of Winery Viña Alicia is a red wine from the region of Lujan de Cuyo of Mendoza.
In the mouth this red wine is a powerful with a lot of tannins present in the mouth.
This wine generally goes well with poultry, beef or game (deer, venison).

Taste structure of the Syrah from the Winery Viña Alicia


In the mouth the Syrah of Winery Viña Alicia in the region of Mendoza is a powerful with a lot of tannins present in the mouth.

Wine flavors and olphactive analysis

Wine with oak taste

Details and technical informations about Winery Viña Alicia's Syrah.

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Great wine region
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Discover the grape variety: Camaralet

The white Camaralet is a grape variety that originated in France (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). It produces a variety of grape specially used for wine making. It is rare to find this grape to eat on our tables. The white Camaralet can be found cultivated in these vineyards: South-West, Languedoc & Roussillon, Cognac, Bordeaux, Provence & Corsica, Rhone Valley.

Last vintages of this wine

Syrah - 2009
In the top 100 of of Lujan de Cuyo wines
Average rating: 4.3 1 1 1 1 0
Syrah - 2008
In the top 100 of of Lujan de Cuyo wines
Average rating: 4.1 1 1 1 1 0
Syrah - 2006
In the top 100 of of Lujan de Cuyo wines
Average rating: 3.8 1 1 1 0.5 0

The best vintages of Syrah from Winery Viña Alicia are 2009, 2008, 2006

Informations about the Winery Viña Alicia

The winery offers 25 different wines.
Its wines get an average rating of 4.
It is in the top 10 of the best estates in the region
It is located in Lujan de Cuyo in the region of Mendoza

The Winery Viña Alicia is one of of the world's greatest estates. It offers 12 wines for sale in the of Lujan de Cuyo to come and discover on site or to buy online.

Top wine Mendoza
In the top 3000 of of Argentina wines
In the top 2500 of of Lujan de Cuyo wines
In the top 60000 of red wines
In the top 90000 wines of the world

The wine region of Lujan de Cuyo

Luján de Cuyo is a wine-producing sub-region of Argentina's largest viticultural area, Mendoza. Unsurprisingly, Grape/malbec">Malbec is the region's most-important grape variety, producing Bold, intensely flavored red wines. Excellent wines are also produced here from Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Torrontés. Located in a valley just South of Mendoza City itself, the Luján de Cuyo region is home to some of the most famous names in Argentinean wine.

The wine region of Mendoza

Mendoza is by far the largest wine region in Argentina. Located on a high-altitude plateau at the edge of the Andes Mountains, the province is responsible for roughly 70 percent of the country's annual wine production. The French Grape variety Malbec has its New World home in the vineyards of Mendoza, producing red wines of great concentration and intensity. The province Lies on the western edge of Argentina, across the Andes Mountains from Chile.

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The word of the wine: Rimage

"Vintage", in Catalan. A natural sweet wine that is bottled early to preserve its fruitiness, as opposed to those aged in an oxidizing environment (see this word). Syn.: vintage (for maury, port).

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