Top 100 pink wines of Li&eacutebana

Discover the top 100 best pink wines of Li&eacutebana of Li&eacutebana as well as the best winemakers in the region. Explore the varietals of the pink wines that are popular of Li&eacutebana and the best vintages to taste in this region.

Discovering the wine region of Li&eacutebana

The wine region of Liébana is located in the region of Cantabrie of Spain. Wineries and vineyards like the Domaine Picos de Cabariezo or the Domaine Picos de Cabariezo produce mainly wines red and pink. The most planted grape varieties in the region of Liébana are Mencia et Tempranillo, they are then used in wines in blends or as a single variety. On the nose of Liébana often reveals types of flavors of red fruit.

In the mouth of Liébana is a powerful with a nice freshness. We currently count 4 estates and châteaux in the of Liébana, producing 7 different wines in conventional, organic and biodynamic agriculture. The wines of Liébana go well with generally quite well with dishes of beef, pasta or veal.

News from the vineyard of Li&eacutebana

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Hitting the right note

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The best wines of Li&eacutebana in other styles